Leveraging EU Funds – A Development Bank perspective – Malta

In various events in June 2018, it was discussed how the setting up of the Malta Development Bank could boost the use of EU funds for Malta.
One event, organised by the Malta Chamber of Commerce and Bank of Valletta saw representatives from the Malta Chamber of Commerce, European Commission's DG ECFIN, the Malta Development Bank and the European Investment Advisory Hub contribute to the discussion, together with Parliamentary Secretary Aaron Farrugia and Head of Representation Elena Grech.
Also, the Hungarian Development Bank and Bank of Valletta presented concrete experiences in leveraging EU funding
In another similar seminar held at the Grand Hotel in Għajnsielem which was attended by the Gozo business community, including  project promoters, start-ups and business-men interested in EU funding and investment opportunities, presentations of the latest developments from an EU and Malta Development Bank perspective, together with practical experiences in leveraging EU funding by the Hungarian Development Bank and the Bank of Valletta attracted great interest.
The main speaker was Estelle Goger, team leader for the Investment Plan for Europe.
Leveraging EU Funds - A Development Bank Perspective 
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