Financing Business to Prosper - GRTU

Tuesday, 2nd July, 2019

GRTU held an information session, together with Bank of Valletta (BOV) and Malta Development Bank (MDB) to discuss two schemes in support of SMEs and Family Businesses. This information session was one of a series of events with the objective of reaching out to the business community in relation to the latest financing opportunities available to Malta based SMEs. Special focus was dedicated to the BOV SME Invest and the BOV Family Business Success.
Both facilities are partly guaranteed by the MDB and the resulting benefit is passed on to the SMEs in the form of reduced collateral requirements and lower interest rates.
Joseph Darmanin and Maria Xuereb, Chief Officers from the Malta Development Bank (MDB) gave an overview of the role and functions of the MDB with particular focus on the MDB’s remit in supporting SMEs. They explained the rationale and design of the SME Invest and the Family Business Success and how such facilities fit within the mandate of the MDB.
BOV Executive SME Finance Alfred Buhagiar explained the operational and practical aspects of the BOV SME Invest and the Family Business Success Initiatives. He gave details and practical examples on how such guarantees eased access to finance for SMEs.
Participants had the opportunity to ask questions and exchange their views with representatives of MDB and BOV. 

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