Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act (Cap. 496) provides a right of access to information held by public authorities.  Any person or body who makes a request in writing to a public authority for access to recorded information must be informed whether the public authority holds that information and whether it can be released, subject to the application of various exemptions specified in the Act.  The public authority must normally reply within 20 working days of receipt of the request.
Malta Development Bank (MDB) publishes a wide range of information on its website.  You may wish to consult this website or check with the Freedom of Information Officer, whose details are available below, to find out if the information you require has already been published or there are plans to publish it.
Article 17(1) of the Act requires MDB to publish the following information in its publication scheme to make you aware of its business remit and of the types of documents that it holds:
Structure, functions and responsibilities
For a description of MDB’s structure, functions and responsibilities, please access this link.
General description of the categories of documents held by MDB
MDB holds documents falling under the following categories:
-   Personal files of MDB employees and recruitment campaigns
-   Contractual documentation in relation to its business
-   Policy documents, reports and working documents
-   Local and international Memoranda of Understanding and other agreements concluded with business partners
-   Documentation related to calls for service in relation to its financing activities
-   Agendas and minutes of meetings
-   Files relating to procurement
-   Presentations, speeches and speaking notes used in public fora
-   Codes of practice, terms of reference and other documents relating to the Board of Directors and to MDB’s Management Committees 
Description of manuals containing policies, principles, rules or guidelines affecting members of the public
MDB holds the following documents in accordance with which decisions or recommendations may be made affecting members of the public, including corporate bodies and employees of MDB in their personal capacity:
-   Policies and procedures relating to the issue of a call for service in relation to financing activities
-   Policies and procedures on the procurement of goods or services for the day-to-day running of MDB
-   Board of Directors Code of Ethics and Staff Code of Ethics
-   Compliance procedures for personal data protection and freedom of information
-   Procedures used for internal and external recruitment
A number of these documents may be exempt documents in terms of the Act so that access to them may not be available.
Procedure for requesting information
Requests for information are to be submitted in writing, whether by post or electronically using this form.  You are advised to check MDB’s website to see whether the information required has already been published before submitting a request.  Requests should be sent to MDB’s Freedom of Information Officer whose contact details appear below.
Requests for information shall incur the payment of a fee as stipulated in Subsidiary Legislation 496.01 – Fees Charged by Public Authorities for Access to Documents Regulations.  The fee schedule may be accessed through this link.  Payment may be effected in cash or by cheque.
If a person requesting information from MDB is not in agreement with a decision made by MDB in relation to such request or with the manner in which the request has been handled, he/she may submit a complaint to MDB within 30 days of that decision or final communication.  Complaints shall be submitted in writing or electronically using this form, stating the reason for the complaint, and, if in writing, addressed to the Chief Executive Officer of MDB at the address mentioned below.
The Act entitles a person requesting information to address complaints also to the Information and Data Protection Commissioner, after having had recourse to MDB’s internal complaints procedure.
Contact Details
The Freedom of Information Officer of MDB can be contacted by email at or in writing at the following address:
Freedom of Information Officer
Malta Development Bank,
Triq il-Papa Piju V,
Valletta VLT 1041
The Information and Data Protection Commissioner may be contacted as follows:
Telephone:         (+356) 2328 7100